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A luxury flat to rent in Eindhoven:
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Or you can rent the apartment for 1650 euro excl. electricity and water if you rent it from Marcel Wielinga directly, his phone number is: 0653857605. 

A Reliable Housing Agency in Eindhoven:
Lever Makelaar will help you find a house or flat for sale or rent.  The following url is updated regularly.  Browse the website and find your dream house or flat at a dream price.   This Makelaar is allied to the "Relocation Eindhoven Agency", who can give you a very personal service when you need to relocate.

The Stoit Groep  has over 20 years of experience in finding suitable housing for expats coming to Eindhoven. We sell and rent out (short stay) apartments, houses and villa's to our clients. All of our properties are either furnished or semi-furnished and come with our outstanding services. Our goal is to find you home, away from home! Are you looking for a short stay apartment? Or do you wish to stay longer and rent a furnished house? We are happy to help you. Please browse through our website